Dear Jack

Hey all! I know i know its been a long long time since I last updated. Too long I say. Didn’t even know people were still coming to this page. This year I’ll definately try to update more often… that starts with drawing more often… hmm

Jack requested that i draw him on a plane. unfortunately I cant draw planes. So this is jack in an invisible plane…


I told Jack I couldn’t draw planes very well, and he told me to draw a cow instead. What is better than a cow? Jack on a cow!


Ok… I can’t draw cows very well either…. hey at least its not an invisible cow 😛

On saturday we had a little farewell party for jack. *sniffles* we will miss you!!!!  And someone got him some scrubs!


Don’t he look handsome? 😀

I don’t know about most people but i do wish jack will miss us heaps and have a horrible time in the USA


And he’ll come back looking like that… all skinny and sad and cold… and back into the arms of fat happy warm friends! whoowee!!!

haahha I kid i kid. i want you to have a hell of a time were ever you go. Party on jack! You will be missed. xoxjack-party.JPG


its been a while

Hey all. Its been a while since I’ve posted anything here. But that is because I’ve gone pro on flickr. hehe and pictures speak more words than… words ahahaha

Here is a shout out to my friend. known as the rich kid.

a great reason to buy Multi Mitts


Well there it is. A great reason to buy some!

here is a shout out to MR D

there you are Mr D going lion hunting

i try

I haven’t drawn anything for a while so I think its time for an update. I’m chatting to this new dude I’ve recently been introduced to and I offered to draw him. Except the only photos of him I got is his highschool pics -_- but its ok. From those pics I was able to draw a relatively handsome boy.

The only problem is that when I sent the pic for him to have a look over… he told me his hair is thicker and longer and curlier and that he wore glasses. So I assumed that he isn’t happy with the first picture I drew of him. Here is a re done one. I hope you like it!!!! Coz I think you’ll rather me stick to the original one… MR PUBIC HAIR


Original pic                                     After his comments

i just want to say…

I love my friends. All my friends. Yes even you. Those i haven’t seen in agest! I love you too!!!! Just been thinking. My friends are so cool. I :heart: my friends…. I wish it was my birthday again. so i can invite all my friends to be at one place and i can bask in the greatnes of my friends. *fuzzy feeling*

yes very random post.. i know. BUt i just felt like telling all my friends that 😀

pictures to come soon!

Too much thinking >

Its my 3rd year of psychology, and ever since I’ve started studying psychology I’ve always seen psychology as a science not an art (although it is offered through arts faculty. And now psychology is under the department of medicine etc.)

So for 3 years I felt quite comfortable thinking about psychology as a science. We do sciencey things like experiements, critical reviewing of past articles, statistics etc

But now I’m being asked “Is psychology a science? If so what kind of science should it be?”

Most people will think ok I’ll define what science is and work from there. And then the second thought is to go to wikipedia and get the definition.  But psy is so tight! References have to be from articles, though they allow electronic non article references … but its frowned upon…

By third year they “expect more of us” so I’m going to assume that using a dictionary is below expectations. But is someone going to actually write an article about what is science? Isn’t science something that everyone generally has an idea of, and if we are unsure we just check the dictionary for it??

And to make it more complicated there are different types of science:rationalism, logical positivism, falsificatonism and then the hardcore science… physics.

As mentioned earlier “We do sciencey things like experiements, critical reviewing of past articles, statistics etc”

So I thought that science would be logical positivism (which is like the evolved version of empiricalism which is basicly abotu experimentation). But where do these experiments start? From reading past experiment… but where does it all start from? At the very begining?!

Observation? Or just plain thinking?